Karong semanaha (Agosto 16-22) gipahigayon sa tibuok nasod ang Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino sa labing unang higayon. Payter ning panahona tungod kay ang matag sinehan sa tibuok nasod nagpasalida og mga lilas nga ginama sa mga Pilipino, daw sama sa kontrobersiyal nga Metro Manila Film Festival matag panahon sa Pasko. Ug kitang mga Bisaya gilaoman nga mosuporta niining lakang nga makaayo sa atong industriya.

Taudtaod nakong gimingaw og tan-aw og salida nga Binisaya. Busa, niadtong Sabado, kauban sa akong mga higala, nangadto mi sa SM Seaside City aron mosaksi sa pre-screening sa “Patay na si Hesus,” usa sa mga entry sa Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. Nagtuo bitaw ko nga mao na kadto ang premiere screening apan kini gipahigayon diay sa Dominggo, didto sa Robinsons Galleria Cebu.

Usa ko ni gisuwat, bag-o ug lab-as pa sa akong hunahuna ang mga panghitabo sa “Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B” nga payter sad kaayo nga salida. Ug kon duna pa lang koy daghang kwarta nindot unta tan-awn ang tanan.

Kining mga salida nga akong nakit-an duha lamang kini sa 12 ka mga payter nga salida. Matag usa may iyang kaugalingong hiyas busa kon duna kay daghang kwarta, mas nindot kon tan-awn ang tanan!


Asa Pwedeng Motan-aw Niini sa Cebu?

Sa Sugbo, mga Bisaya, tanang sinehan nagpasalida niini. Gikan sa Robinsons Galleria Cebu, SM City Cebu, SM Seaside City, SM Consolacion, JCentre Mall, Cine Oriente ug sa Ayala Center Cebu. Dunay nagkalain-lain nga discount sama sa P100 nga entrance alang sa tanang estudyante ug payter ning Ayala Center Cebu kay P150 lang ang regular ticket.

Paningkamotan nato nga mapuno ang mga sinehan. Kon daghan tang mosuporta sa mugna natong mga Pilipino, siguradong magpadayon ang mga lilas nga Pinoy ug madasig ang mga Bisaya nga tighimo og salida sa paghimo og dugang pang mga masterpiece natong mga Bisaya!


Trailer sa Mga Salida sa Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2017

Mga Bisaya, alang sa inyong kahibalo, adunay 12 ka mga salida nga gipasalida sa nagkalain-laing sinehan karong semanaha ug  kini ang mosunod nga impormasyon gikan sa Pelikula Mania:


1. Patay na si Hesus

Written and Directed by: Victor Villanueva
Starring: Jaclyn Jose, Chai Fonacier, Melde Montañez, Mailes Kanapi
Running Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Synopsis: When Iyay, a single mother, learns that her estranged husband has died, she drags the entire family on a road trip from Cebu to Dumaguete to attend the funeral. With her children – Hubert, who has Down Syndrome; Jude, a lovesick transman; Jay, who is living the bum life – as her passengers, Iyay drives her tiny multicab on a journey that yields unexpected stopovers, detours, and revelations.


(QUICKIE REVIEW: Nagpabugo-bugo apan brayt ning salidaha. Kon nalingaw ka sa characterization sa Game of Thrones, matag character usab dinhi tibuok ug may iyang sugilanon. Abi nimo babaw apan kon hinuktokan daw tabay sa inyong silingan sa probinsya. Paspas ang dagan aning salidaha unya masangit bitaron ka ug magsirko-sirko imong emosyon. Makapanglingo-lingo ka. Maguol. Sagad magsakit imong tiyan sa kinatawa. Kon wala pa ka kita, bitara imong mga higala ug pagpangatawa mo didto sa sinehan. Mora ni siyag Vice Ganda nga salida, apan dunay unod nga kagumkom sama sa lechon sa Carcar.)


2. Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B

Directed by: Prime Cruz
Starring: Ryza Cenon, Martin del Rosario, Vangie Labalan
Running Time: 2 hours 2 minutes
Synopsis: Jewel is a mysterious woman who lives alone in the city. Her secret led her to settle into a lonely existence. That is, until she meets Nico, a broken-hearted, down-and-out guy who also feels unlovable like she does. Jewel is torn between wanting to love him and wanting to save him from herself. Will he accept her if he knew the truth about her? Can she ever find love, or is she destined to be alone forever?


(QUICKIE REVIEW: Payter kaayo ang paghisgot nila sa war-on-drugs sa nasod. Dunay lovestory sa ibabaw nga makapahimuot nimo, sama sa naunsa na ang nasod karon. Lingaw kaayo ang mga Pilipino, gikilig nga matag karon ug unya dunay namatay. Kinsa kaha ang nagpatay? Tingali ang manananggal nga gwapa sa inyong silingan. Pasagdai na lang nang namatay. Ang importante duna kay lami nga silingan ug kalimti na nga siya diay ang nagpatay. Lami baya siya. Duna pa gyod siyay blooming nga lovelife, ikaw wala.)


3. 100 Tula Para Kay Stella

Written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana 
Starring: Bela Padilla, JC Santos, Caleb Santos, Mayton Eugenio, Prince Stefan
Running Time: 2 hours and 3 minutes
Synopsis: Throughout his four years in college, Fidel, a stuttering student, tries to finish 100 poems dedicated to Stella, an aspiring but frustrated rock star, to win her heart.



Directed by: Enzo Williams
Starring: Gerald Anderson, Dianne Medina, Bembol Roco
Running Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Synopsis: AWOL is an action-thriller about an expert Army sniper who, armed with his tactical knowledge and deadly skills, goes on a quest to protect his family from the man who masterminded the attempt on his life and his loved ones.


5. Bar Boys

Written and directed by Kip Oebanda
Starring: Carlo Aquino, Rocco Nacino, Kean Cipriano, Enzo Pineda
Running Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Synopsis: The misadventures of three young men who try their luck in the college of law. As their friendship, families, relationships and convictions are brought to breaking point, they must keep their heads and emotions together as they prepare for the big day.


6. Birdshot

Directed by: Mikhail Red
Starring: Mary Joy Apostol, Arnold Cruz, John Arcilla
Running Time: 1 hour 55 minutes
Synopsis: “Birdshot” is a mystery-thriller film that tells a story of a young Filipina farm girl who wanders into the boundaries of a Philippine reservation forest. Deep within the reservation, she mistakenly shoots and kills a critically endangered and protected Philippine Eagle. As the local authorities begin a manhunt to track down the poacher of a national bird, their investigation leads them to an even more horrific discovery.


7. Hamog

Written and Directed by Ralston Jover
Starring: Therese Malvar, Zaijan Jaranilla, Samuel Quintana, Bon Andrew Lentejas
Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Synopsis: Ralston Jover’s unique blend of special and magic realism takes a look at the lives of four street children whose world is about to turn upside down and inside out. Life begins where innocence ends.


8. Paglipay

Written and directed by Zig Dulay
Starring: Garry Cabalic, Anna Luna, Joan Dela Cruz
Running Time: 1 hour and 38 minutes
Synopsis: The film focuses on Atan, an Aeta from Baytan village in Zambales, who makes a living from traditional farming system kaingin and hunting on the foothills of Mt. Pinatubo. The narrative opens as we follow Atan’s fulfillment of his arranged marriage with a fellow Aeta, Ani. He has to accomplish a number of responsibilities which includes changing in appearance, manner of clothing, religious practice, and even the use of different language in order to associate himself with the Unat or “straight-haired ones.” On his effort to accommodate himself in a modern society, Atan faces cross-cultural modifications amid changes in the mountain brought about by immense modernity.


9. Pauwi Na

Directed by: Paolo Villaluna
Starring: Bembol Roco, Cherry Pie Picache, Meryll Soriano
Running Time: 2 hours 2 minutes
Synopsis: The film follows a family who decide to use pedicabs so they could “pedal” their way back to the province. A series of unfortunate events occur that will either test their determination or distract them from their journey home. ‘Pauwi Na’ is a tragic-comic portrait of a dysfunctional family and the disquieting blind faith they invoke as they dream of going home.


10. Salvage

Directed by Sherad Anthony Sanchez
Starring: Jessy Mendiola, JC de Vera, Joel Sarracho
Running Time: 1 hour 32 minutes
Synopsis: A news team investigating rumors of aswang killings in a remote barrio are attacked by a group of soldiers, forcing them to run for their lives in the deeps of the forest, where more mystery and danger lay in wait.


11. Star na si Van Damme Stallone

Written and directed by Randolph Longjas
Starring: Candy Pangilinan, Paolo Pingol, Acey Aguilar, Sarah Pagcaliwagan
Running Tim: 1 hour 37 minutes
Synopsis: Based on real-life characters and events, this tale is about Nadia, a single mom from Bocaue, Bulacan, who goes through the trials and tribulations of raising Vanvan, a child with Down Syndrome. As a mother, one is expected to give one hundred percent to her child? but when one is raising a special child, one hundred percent is never enough, you still have to give so much more. When Vanvan told his mother he wanted to become an actor, Nadia knew she had to make ends meet- and dreams come true.


12. Triptiko

Directed by Miguel Franco Michelena
Starring: Albie Casino, Joseph Marco, Kean Cipriano, Kylie Padilla
Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Synopsis: In Triptiko, a yuppie who just got lucky is struck by a string of unlucky circumstances; a male model’s life is upended because of evil boils appearing on his body; while a folk singer’s romantic ideals are put to the test as his beloved slowly changes into something he does not understand.


Mga Bisaya, asa niini ang plano ninyong tan-awn?